Wednesday, June 1, 2016

How to Tie and Wear Head Scarves!

My goal is to learn to tie and then actually wear scarves. I managed to learn this one tie and actually wear the scarf comfortably while traveling throughout Israel. I even had a person on the tour ask me to teach her how to tie her head scarf, the same way. She sent me a picture of herself wearing a scarf tied up in the same way after she got home.  

My goal, hear me now-- this summer is to figure out how to tie and actually wear the nine other scarf ties featured in the video below. Let's see how I do!

Send me a picture of you and your head scarf, loved to learn from you, too!

SCARF TIE #9, and counting..........

This is the Criss-Cross Tie shown in this Youtube video, second from the last but all the ties are worth giving a try!

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