Friday, January 16, 2015

It Started With the Boots!, Dressing Challenge!

The Wardrobe Mistress perused the Tommy Bahama catalog.....I have some vintage 1980 boots in the back of my closet......I can so do this outfit!

Kennet Stripe Sweater $98.00, Haddon Denim Boyfriend Jeans $128.00, Play Lady Play Sunglasses $125.00 and the Luna Boots $198.00: Total without purse, belt, hat or wrap: $549.00

1980's vintage boots, Paris Fashion Jeans purchased at the Army Surplus store $20.00,  (see blog post about shopping the Army Surplus Store for fashion finds, Jones New York striped top, Mexx corduroy jacket (folded and worn off shoulders), large silver bracelet, belt and purse, woven belt and cowboy hat purchased at local thrift store. Total cost, less than $100.00

Your thirty day dressing challenge, find a catalog picture and copy the outfit and I will post them all in thirty days! Get ready, get set, GO!

Lands' End
Women's Long Sleeve Chambray Shirt (Currently on sale $34.00)

Two versions, the one above is more to the original the one below
is a softer version, for the more mature woman. :-)

Louis Vuitton

Friday, January 2, 2015

Social Media, How to Control it?

I got a new cell phone for Christmas. I try learning something new about it, an app, the camera, etc. every day. It has bells and whistles, I love it and I hate it. How did I live without it, how do I live with it?

Our church showed this youtube video on Sunday and I could so relate, can you?