Saturday, November 22, 2014

Long Flight, Unpredictable Weather, Different Continents, Perfect Clothes Equals Great Trip!

What to wear on a 4 hour flight to Philly plus a 13 hour flight to Tel Aviv? Starting out in Colorado the weather was frigid, bone-chilling cold and drizzle, arriving in Israel it was in the low 90's and rather humid compared to arid Colorado, my choices proofed travel worthy! I managed to do two weeks with a carry-on, no checked luggage! In my carry-on I tucked a folded, cloth zippered bag to use as my carry-on home and checked my hard carry on case with the souvenirs. Yes, you can successfully bring home wine and beer, but that's another blog post!

Planes are unpredictable, drafty and even cold. I want clothes to be warm, soft, cozy and comfortable, almost pajama like, yet layered so they be quickly adjusted to momentary conditions.

Starting out:

 Akira Chicago Red Label poncho with hood (Thrift Store purchase)
Long Nally & Millie knit top (By the Pound Goodwill ) 
Lacy Tank (Costco), 
Insulated winter leggings, (REI )
Chunky Jewelry  
Comfortable Puma Sport Lifestyle shoes (Thrift Store purchase)

Not shown, I carried a large gold imitation Prada bag (Thrift store purchase) in which I put a fanny pack, warm socks, for cold feet inflight, white knit comfortable shirt and polka dotted blue scarf, and as many other items I thought I couldn't live without on the flight that would fit, i.e. antiseptic wipes, Tylenol PM, lap-top, etc.

Arriving and going head-to-head with the heat I found a restroom and took off my poncho and long knit  top and exchanged them for the white button up shirt over by lacy tank.

Fabulous trip, save money on clothes, go farther for longer, pack light and the best advice I heard on the trip as I "ran" where Jesus "walked": "Sunny, you can sleep when you are dead!"

BTW: The only change I would make were my leggings. They were a little too hot on arrival and I would have been just fine without "insulated" leggings and could have worn regular leggings on the trip but the insulated ones were worn only once on the plane.

What is your "Best Choice" for a travel wardrobe? 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Family Heirloom Children's Block Christmas Tree DIY-Craft Project

My daughter-in-love, Sarah's Aunt Jane made Sarah's Mom a Children's Block Christmas Tree  in the 1970's that became a treasured Glover Family Heirloom. I don't know if Aunt Jane had instructions or a pattern or just made it up, but it is delightful. The tree has Sarah's and her sister, Suzanna's name spelled in the block letters in the body of the tree, along with Merry Christmas spelled in blocks around the bottom row of the tree. Now, with children of their own, Sarah and Suzanna claimed the tree and passed it back and forth.  Each year to year from house to house.

I admired the little tree, the love and warmth it held and hoped one day to make a tree for Sarah, with the names of my grandchildren spelled out with blocks around the tree.  I started collecting small ornaments, blocks, and embellishments through the years. For one reason or another I never started the project. It was good I didn't start because this year Sarah and my son Victor added Bowen to their family. If I had got the tree finished before this year Bowen's name would have been left out and I would have had to begin again!

I looked online for something similar, and instructions but did not find any. I borrowed the original from Suzanna in secret and began working by trial and error.

First, I purchased a wood base from Michael's. I also purchased some E6000 glue.  I used one and a half tubes. This is fabulous glue, by the way. Also, works well on glass.

I painted the base a Christmas red.

After it was throughly dried, I glued fourteen blocks around the base. Then I filled in the interior snugly, with additional blocks. The first outside row spelled Merry Christmas. The 2nd row, also used fourteen blocks set 1/2 inch to the inside of the first row. The 3rd row, eleven blocks and the 4th row, eight, the 5th row, six and the 6th row, four and the 7th and final row, one block. Each row was set 1/2" inch in from the row below and the blocks were set at an angle.


1.  Fourteen Blocks (Merry Christmas)
2.  Fourteen Blocks (Samuel 9)
3.  Eleven Blocks (Emery Anne 6)
4.  Eight Blocks (Bowen 10 months)
5.  Six Blocks (Sarah)
6.  Four Blocks (Vic)
7.  One Block

I only glued down one row, and the interior blocks in a twenty four hour period. I think you could do one row and then let it sit for five or six hours and add the next row, but you want the glue to be thoroughly dry before moving on. I also, glued the interior blocks inside the perimeter before moving on.

I put the name of my oldest grandson, Sam (Samuel) spelled out on the 2nd row. I also put a block next to his name with his age on it, (9). I tried to find a picture block of something that reminded me of him. Emery Anne, his sister's name is spelled out in row three.  Her age, six is also beside her name as is a block with a pair of eyeglasses as I bought her, her first pair of fashion statement glasses. The name of the youngest grandson in this family, Bowen, ten months is found on row four. I put an plain orange block by Sam's name and a pink block by Emery's name so they are easy to pick out.              .

In the original Christmas Block tree, the names of the parents were not included, however in the tree I made I put Sarah's name on row five and Vic's name is on row six. Victor's middle initial is "J" and if you look closely you can see a Santa Elf with it's block body with the letter J, which stands for Victor's middle name, Joseph.

The next step was glueing on the little ornaments and embellishments that reminded me of each person represented. I found a Star Wars Lego storm trooper for Sam's row, a miniature computer mouse for Victor, as he is an IT guru. Go crazy! I had a great time finding tiny items that reminded me of each person. For example, Victor collected mouse Christmas tree ornaments as a child and consequently, there have quite a few little mice on this tree!

After it is FULLY decorated, put small pieces of greenery between the blocks to fill it out to make it look more tree like. I used the E6000 glue throughout but when I started putting the greenery in between the blocks I used a glue gun as it was more effective and the greenery stayed in place as it should much better with the glue gun than with the E6000 glue. I did have to use the glue gun on a few of the ornaments, as well however, I think the holding power of the E6000 glue is superior to the hot glue and would advise using it wherever possible.

Finding the tree topper took a little looking as I wanted something that gave it some height but still was smaller than the block surface at it's bottom. The original tree had a rocking horse, mine has a Santa in a hot air balloon.

I am pleased with the finished product and hope Sarah is, too. I hope that Sam, Emery and Bo grow to love this Block Christmas Tree as much as Sarah and Suzanna did theirs growing up.  My wish is to I live long enough to make another three trees for my grandchildren when they have families of their own!

Note:  The tiger that spans over two blocks, the Mr. and Mrs. Clause and the Nativity scene in the far right side of the picture. I also have a toy section on the other side.

Merry Christmas!

Please, post a picture of your tree if you decide to make one.

See what happens when baby #4 arrives in 2017!
What to do, what to do!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Snowman Soup!

Inexpensive Stocking Stuffer, Christmas/Holiday Card, Party Favor

What you need:

Ziplock Bag, sandwich size
One package of Hot Cocoa Mix, just add hot water
Snow man napkin
Candy Cane
Hershey Kiss
Snowman stickers to add to printed poem below

Snowman Soup

I was told you've been good this year, always glad to hear it.
With freezing weather drawing near, you'll need to warm your spirit.
So here's a little Snowman Soup, complete with stirring stick.
Just add hot water and sip it slow--it's sure to do the trick!



Saturday, September 20, 2014

Israel, Nazareth in Particular...............

We just returned from Israel. I snapped these pictures in Nazareth near the Church of Annunciation. The Muslims are aggressively sharing their faith, handing out tracts and literature. The sign on the building reads:

"O people of the Scripture (Christians) do not exceed
the limits in your religion. Say nothing
but the truth about Allah (The One True God).
The Christ Jesus, Son of Mary was only a Messenger of God
And His word conveyed to Mary and a spirit created by Him
So believe in God and His Messengers
and do not say; Three gods (trinity) Cease! It will be better for you
Indeed, Allah is the One and the Only God.
His Holiness is far above having a son" Quran 4:17th


Prayer for Yom Kippur

Birth is a beginning and Death a destination;

From childhood to maturity and youth to age,

From innocence to awareness and ignorance to knowing.

From foolishness to discretion and then, perhaps to wisdom,

From weakness to strength or strength to weakness and back again.

From health to sickness and back, we pray, to health again,

From offense to forgiveness, from loneliness to love,

From joy to gratitude, from pain to compassion.

From grief to understanding, from fear to faith,

From defeat to defeat.

Until looking backward or ahead, we see that

Victory lies not at some high place along the way,

But in having made the Journey, stage by stage.

So we do not lose heart.

Though our outer nature is wasting away,

our inner nature is being renewed every day.

For this slight momentary affliction

is preparing for us an eternal weight of glory.

2 Corinthians 4:16-17

How do you pronounce the name of this holiday? "Yom" rhymes with "home" and "Kippur" sounds like "key poor" with emphasis on the "poor." A lot of Americans (even American Jews) pronounce "Kippur" like the smoked fish dish, kipper, but this really isn't correct. 

Sunday, August 31, 2014

How to Train a Dog to Use a Tread Mill

Many of us have dogs that require daily walking of up to two hours a day to keep them happy and exercised and to keep bad habits and destruction at bay. Especially, hyper-active breeds or younger dogs. Who really has the time to do this? I didn't, so I taught our Border Collie/Australian Shepherd Mix, Dusty Boot, to use our tread mill while I folded the laundry, balanced the check book or did my own exercise video. This keeps us both happy and engaged.

Do NOT attempt training your dog to use the tread mill if you have not have not mastered basic obedience, i.e. sit, wait and stay.

Also, NEVER LAUGH or snicker at your dog, no matter how cute or funny they look running on the treadmill. Don't allow family members or guests to laugh or snicker, either.

1. Get your dog comfortable and use to being around and on the tread mill.  Turn it on when he's in that room with you. Get him use to hearing all the noises, beeps and the turning of the belt. When it is NOT running walk him across the belt area of the tread mill. Have him sit on the tread mill, use a leash at this point. Be relaxed and keep it fun and natural. Spend 10-15 minutes two or three times a day with your dog doing this. Our dog is a working dog and he is not rewarded with food, only verbal praise. Reward your dog as he is in the habit of being rewarded, but in addition, praise him liberally. Do these exercises for a week or ten days until you are confident you both are ready to move on to the next step.

2.  The dog should be on leash. Walk him up on to the tread mill. Put your feet on the sides of the treadmill, over the dog. Command the dog to sit. Hold the leash so it is not tight but relaxed. You could do this several times for a couple days before you turn on the treadmill to the very slowest speed. As the treadmill begins to move your dog will begin to walk slowly along with it. Praise him. Do NOT increase the speed, keep it very, very slow. Only keep the dog on the treadmill for about five minutes. Stop the treadmill and keep the dog on the treadmill after it stops. You stay on the treadmill for the entire time. Only allow your dog to get off the treadmill with a command, like "Break" after it has completely stopped. You can release him off the leash at this point. This step is important because you don't want the dog to develop any bad habits, i.e., hopping off the treadmill without a command to do so. You are in control. Once your dog is fully trained he will enjoy the exercise and experience, but at first it might be a little unnerving for him. Do this step for a week to ten days, or until the dog is very comfortable. The time and speed can be increased as the dog progresses. But do not increase the speed, too much, no more than three miles per hour. By the time your ready to move to the next step, the dog should be confident, comfortable and relaxed with the whole process. At this point, you are still, straddling the dog and the treadmill.

3.  Repeat step #2, except do the entire step over: off leash for a week or ten days. Again, starting slow and for a very short time. Increasing each as the dog exhibits confidence and success. Remember to reward your dog liberally with praise. Have fun, even if at this point you wonder why you are doing this because it too is extremely time consuming! I know what your thinking, "Why aren't I outside walking this crazy dog?"

4.  But don't give up, you are now ready to put the dog on the treadmill by himself. Put him on the treadmill, stand to the side of the treadmill and start it up. Don't move, stay very close beside the treadmill by the dog's head. Do this step for a week to ten days but as the dog gets comfortable with you not being on the treadmill with him, move away from him a foot or two.

5.  The dog will get more and more comfortable with the treadmill and with your presence farther and farther away from him, as he does this continue to increase your distance away from the dog along with the minutes and speed of the treadmill. Remember increase everything very, very slowly! Give him the "Break" command to leave the treadmill.

6. In approximately, thirty days your dog will be getting his daily exercise without you. Continue to move further away from him. You should be able to be any where in the same room with him, front, back, either side, etc. I do not leave him on the tread mill without being in the room with him and I don't recommend leaving a dog on the treadmill unattended. You can program the treadmill as you would for yourself, time or level, etc. Don't abuse his new skill or the dog by leaving him on the treadmill for too long. Thirty minutes gives the dog a good workout with a speed of not more than three and a half miles per hour, depending on the breed and size of the dog. Our's is a Border Collie/Australian Shepherd Mix.

To be continued: Advanced Treadmill Training, in an upcoming blog.

Questions, comments?

Friday, August 15, 2014

The Wardrobe Mistress Says, "It's Texture and the Cozy Factor for Fall!"

Add a rich leather jacket, a scarf; a splash of vibrant color and it equals a effortless layered  look!
Boots and skinnies from previous post (Fall Going Away Party, What to Wear?) along with the black leather jacket and taupe cabled cowl-neck sweater.

Goodwill Outlet Cabled Cowl Sweater $1.49 per pound!
J.C. Penney Boots $44.99
Leggings Ann Taylor Loft $9.99
Coat: Wilson Leather Store $59.99 

The Denver International Airport has two 7,000-car giant-sized parking garages. Parking garages last more than 50 years without any major construction so do we but they can shave years off our age with a little attention to fashion details!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Fall Going Away Party, What to Wear?

The Wardrobe Mistress says goodbye to a dear friend from an earlier post:

and summer using a combination of light (Mauve Mist) and deep purple (Radiant Orchid), both Top Pantone Color Picks for 2014. This casual outfit is elegantly accessorized but could easily go to the gym after the party with leggings and Danskin shirt at the foundation.  Complete outfit, pennies on the dollars! (See Below)

J.C. Penney Boots $44.99
Walmart Danskin Shirt 
Walmart Scarf $5.00
Leggings Ann Taylor Loft $9.99
Coat: Wilson Leather Store mark down $75.00

Black and Grey Herringbone Tweed Skirt
Thrift Store

Necklace, Bracelet and Rings Garage Sale
Purse: Thrift Store

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Denver Fashion Finds at the Chihuly Exhibition: Denver Botanic Gardens

My friend texted, "Denver has arrived: Chihuly is at the Denver Botanic Gardens!"

Dale Chihuly revolutionized the craft of blown glass into a movement that elevated the studio glass medium to fine art. Chihuly's massive works are included in more than 200 museum collections worldwide and now is at the Denver Botanic Gardens through November 2014!

But what does one wear on a hot, hot July day to see world class art?

My friends and I went for the day and voted these four women, "Best Dressed" with one honorable mention--out of the 4,000 plus visitors that day!


A cowboy hat---the perfect accessory to wed Denver to Chihuly! 
Yes, mature women can wear short, flirty skirts. 
Love the gold sandals and bright, bold pink purse and pedicure: 
the complete package.

This fashionista is dressed to dance with Chihuly in his magical world, often inspired by the Orient.
Maxi dress accessorized with an "ornamental fringe", handmade macrame handbag and cooling conical Asian hat or "Chinese sombrero". 

Someone made this comment about Chihuly's work, "just about everything his team comes up with plays as jazzy fun in a public context." This outfit is controversial yet, successful like Chihuly, himself.
The public is split on Chihuly, too and I suspect you will over either like this outfit or hate it. But the five us gave it "thumbs up" for Chihuly attitude!

Maxi sundress, with brilliant Chihuly orange purse, necklace, pedicure and fabulous tan. Handbag is reminiscent of the small pieces of Chihuly's work displayed and offered for sale in the Denver Botanic Gardens Gift Shop.  

Honorable Mention
A pretty hat, is great art; an invitation to play and imagine.

What did you where to the Chihuly Art Exhibition?
Cast your vote!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wedding Dress for Short Compact Bride! Complete Ensemble Less than $100!

How can a short, compact, okay just say it, "over-weight" bride who has a very, very limited budget find something beautiful to wear for her second wedding and still manage to be the belle of the ball??

Here's our solution:

We decided to break from tradition, and move to the opposite end of the color wheel and choose a deep purple, high-low mesh dress with a rhinestone one-shoulder.  The dress has a very forgiving ruche bodice. The dress was purchased at the Deb Shops during prom season. The Deb Shops have a good selection of dresses in plus-sizes.  We found that their sizing to be very generous. The dress cost $92.00 with tax.

Sparkle, gems and bling was the order of the day! We added bling, all along the way.

For example, the bride wore her shoes at her sister's wedding several years ago. We added gems to the heels to update date them and make them "sing": New, new, new!

The veil was purchased at the ARC, a non-profit for $.99, yes that's right: Ninety-nine cents!
We sewed purple ribbon around the edge of the white veil to connect the dots to the dress. Making the dress and veil a complete ensemble.

The bridal bouquet and the groom's botoneire were featured in a previous post, May 23, 2014 The bridal bouquet, the groom's botoneire and toss-bouquest, all three were under $5.00, total.

How did we do?

What did you do?

Please send us your pics and we will add them to this post!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Casual Summer Reversible Wardrobe

The Wardrobe Mistress and I have been participating in the dressing challenges from 40 + Style and realized that all our entries featured the reversible wardrobe pieces we love. Reversible pieces are trip and travel worthy wardrobe, adding hundreds of options with just a few pieces.

The jacket featured below was submitted for the Mini Dressing Challenge #2:  Casual Outfit, Jeans with basic t-shirt and jacket.

The reversible jacket is paired with jeans by New York & Company and sleeveless white T-tank. Accessorized with a Ta Prohm recycled rice bag purse from Cambodia, contrasting scarfs (one handcrafted and beaded) bracelets and nude flats.


Mini-Dressing Challenge #3: Casual Outfit, Printed Jeans with Plain or Printed top 

Have you seen reversible jeans? These "Flip-Side" jeans are so fun, purchased from target, floral on one side, plain on the other. Shown here with a lipstick-red vintage top, accessorized with a hat from Wild Bills Emporium (Vail Colorado), Dexter navy flats, Indian fabric purse and miscellaneous jewelry.

Plain side of the Flip-Side jeans are paired with printed long sleeve shirt and accessorized with  National Western Stock Show purse.

Mini-Dressing Challenge #5: Casual Outfit, Skirt with Loose Top
Wrinkle free reversible tulip skirt shown with Cabi lavender jacket, Investment white blouse and Victoria Secret promotional make-up bag repurposed as a purse.

Skirt reversed

Mini-Dressing Challenge #7: Casual Outfit, Knee High Pants with Jacket
Reversible plush jacket is worn with white Briggs New York capri pants, Lily no-wrinkle spandex-blend short sun dress and lace tank tee, Dex-Flex and Sam and Libby shoes, purse and misc. jewelry.


All items, except the flip-side jeans from Target, handcrafted scarf and featured hat were purchased from thrift stores including accessories and shoes! The two reversible jackets were reclaimed from the Goodwill Outlet Store, one step above dumpster diving! Items sold by the pound.

Do you have a reversible item you can't live without? Or a dynamite thrift store fashion find?
Send us a picture!

Friday, June 13, 2014

The Wardrobe Mistress Shops Rite-Aid for Summer Fashion!

Can the Wardrobe Mistress and you find a trendy summer outfit in your local Rite Aid drugstore? 
Yes, she can!

Sun Dress, $10.00 Regular Price, Not on Sale!
Travel ready, wrinkle free!

Shown here with a lavender Cabi denim jacket, purchased at a thrift store and a repurposed Victoria Secret make-up bag as a purse, nude flats and misc. jewelry.

Also, check out their shoes! Knock off Tom's are often deeply discounted to $2.75.

Comment, please!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Five Dollar Wedding Bouquet and Groom's Boutonniere from Dollar Tree!

Second Wedding on the Cheap!

We purchased four of the rose stems each had three or four roses on them. We used one of the roses for the Buttoneir and one roll of florist tape for a total of $5.00 plus tax. The rest of the supplies were odds and ends we had at home.

To make the bouquet we followed the following youtube video:

Because the stems of the artificial flowers were not as bulky as real rose stems we put some old Bic pens (about six) around the base before we wrapped it with ribbon. Over the white ribbon we laced a scrape of purple ribbon and glued some gem stones in-between the lacings.

And for the Boutonniere:

The artificial flowers at the Dollar Store are very poor quality, but if you are fortunate to get there and get them straight from the packing box, they are fresh, full and beautiful! 


Please send pictures of your DIY wedding bouquets and we will post them here!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Life-Hack for Small Dog Escaping Fence........

On a walk today, I saw this life-hack for a small dog escaping a slatted fence. It was a very cleaver way, albeit temporary to fix a annoying problem for a dog owner living perilously close to a busy street! 


Psalm 16:5-6

New International Version (NIV)
Lord, you alone are my portion and my cup;
    you make my lot secure.
The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places;
    surely I have a delightful inheritance.

Monday, May 12, 2014

MOPS Spring Tea in the Vail Valley

Wow, it seems like yesterday I was taking my toddler to MOPS but today it's my daughter's turn with her first born son, and my grandson, Zachary. I wanted to go to the MOPS tea after my daughter invited me, but it meant a two hour drive over two mountain passes one way. I thought about how badly I wanted to go and decided there was no reason not to go, and went. What a great time we had. MOPS is still the powerful ministry I remembered! 

The two speakers who gave their testimonies were Asher Collie, founder of Soul Hope and local speaker and Mom, Kate Sheldon. 
Watch these informative videos for Soul Hope to get an understanding of the ministry and what you can do. Save a life, host a shoe party! The MOPS mothers and you and yours can cut out the pieces for the shoes that the native Ugandans sew together so their children can have victory over jiggers who dig into and under the skin of shoeless children!

Asher Collie, Founder of Soul Hope

Asher's jigger shoes, I loved the laces!

Shoes made from denim cut by the MOPS mod, heels are reinforced with plastic milk cartons. So cute!

Smaller sized shoes, I think my grandkids would love these, too!

Bike tire soles!

Kate Sheldon, local speaker and co-speaker at the tea, is a bright light in the Vail Valley. I loved the outfit, short short skirt, leggings, vintage sweater and large cross necklace! Too cute.

The beautiful, enormous hats below are made out of large, brown paper grocery bags. Aren't they beautiful?

These centerpieces would make any Pinterest Mom proud!

Delicious food, a variety of pasta salads, tea sandwiches, egg salad and cucumber, sweet treats and good conversation. Divine! 

Thank you Vail Valley Mops for a memorable day with my daughter and grandson!